Temptations Lickable Cat Treats

 Temptations Lickable Cat Treats

Does your kitty frequently ask for treats, making it extremely difficult to say no to that aww-dorable little face? With the latest Lickable cat treats from Temptations, you can say yes, every time! This cat treat from Temptation is made from 100% nutrition-rich components and they are low on calories. So, your adorable furball can enjoy its favourite treat to its heart’s content!

The new Lickable cat treats from Temptations are deliciously creamy which, you can hand feed your kitty from the squeezable pouches. The hand-feed option makes it easier to make this rewarding meal a little more personal and create the perfect bonding moment between the two of you! 

New cat parents also often wonder, are Temptations cat treats addictive? To answer the question are Temptations cat treats addictive, find out from this article. Here are 6 reasons why you must buy Lickable Temptations Cat Treats!

6 Reasons Why Humans Need to Buy Lickable Cat Treats

  1. The Irresistible, Creamy Soft Texture

    While the classic crunchy Temptations cat treats are always a hit when it comes to our feline friends, the new addition of Lickable soft cat treats is going to leave them in awe! The soft, creamy texture of the Lickable Temptations treats is alluring and comes in convenient, squeezable pouches! The tasty treat is uncompromised when it comes to flavour and is sure to give your kitty an amazing gastronomic adventure!

  2. Delicious, Nutritious, Meaty Flavours

    To spice up your cat’s playtimes, what is better than bringing out the Lickable cat treat from temptation? The best thing about the Lickable treat is that it is available in a vast variety of flavours! Choose from delectable tastes of salmon, chicken and tuna to make your munchkin’s day. Worried about your feline getting obese? Lickable Temptations treats come in single-serve portions with a low-calorie content so that your cat can enjoy their treat without you having to watch its weight.

  3. All the Ways to Enjoy These Creamy Treats

    Lickable suggests that these Temptations™ cat treats are best enjoyed when your cat licks them from your hand. Though the single-serve pouches can be poured out, you can make the moment memorable by hand-feeding it to them.

    With the Lickable soft cat treats, you can also get creative. For instance, if your cat is a picky eater, you can also mix some of the Lickable soft cat treats with its regular food and see the food bowl get licked clean every time!

  4. Longer-lasting Experience vs Traditional Treats

    Cats are known to be sophisticated foodies, who prefer relishing their food slowly rather than guzzling it down. So, what is better than offering your cat the latest Lickable cat treat and watching it slowly immerse itself into a world of a delicious, creamy treat? Unlike the crunchy, traditional Temptations treats that can be gobbled up in an instant, the Lickable Cat Treat welcomes your feline friend to a longer-lasting experience.

  5. Boosts Hydration

    Cats and water might not be best friends, but that doesn’t mean your cat can go without water all day! Yet, it is not an uncommon sight to see your kitty neglect its water bowl. So, for the naughtiest of cats who do not drink sufficient water, the Lickable Temptations treats might be an excellent alternative. The creamy puree content of the Lickable cat treat is rich in moisture, which helps restore hydration in your feline friend in no time.

  6. Great Option for Cats with Licking Habit

    Peculiar as it may sound, licking is integral to feline furries. Mother cats lick their kittens clean and cats do not shy away from grooming their favourite humans by licking them. As a feline fur kiddo parent, licking is probably the highest form of honour your kitty can bestow upon you. While it may be unwise to lick them back, you can always reward them with some Lickable Temptations treats. Works on both frequent and casual lickers!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Lickable cat treats good?

    Are Temptations cat treats addictive, this is a common question cat parents are faced with. Frequent cat treats are a potential reason behind your cat’s obesity, but Lickable cat treats from Temptations are prepared from nutrition-rich ingredients, and are low in calories.

  2. Can Lickable cat treats be frozen?

    Lickable Temptations cat treats are designed specifically for a long-lasting experience. However, the hot summer months can cause the cat treat sticks to melt from the heat. So, it is a good idea to freeze Lickable soft cat treats in the freezer.

  3. Why do cats like Lickables?

    You know the answer to are Temptations cat treats addictive but wondering why cats like Temptations cat treats lickables? Lickable cat treats are made from a delicious, creamy puree containing meats, and are available in popular flavours like salmon, tuna, and chicken.


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