Wet vs Dry Cat Treats For Your Cats

Wet vs Dry Cat Treats For Your Cats

As caring cat parents, we are on a mission to provide the best for our furbabies and spoil them with the yummiest goodies. The journey of pampering our feline friends starts with selecting the best cat treats, much like how we savor our favorite snacks. But, there are so many options such as lickable cat treats, moist cat treats, and canned cat treats that can be overwhelming. The ongoing debate about what is better for cats wet or dry cat treats adds to the confusion, especially for new cat parents seeking palatable and best cat treats healthy for the felines.

Wondering what is better for cats wet or dry cat treats? Is it ok to give cats wet food everyday for your furbabies? Don’t worry – we are here for you. In this article, we will break down these choices, exploring the benefits of dry and wet cat treats. Let’s start the journey to share playful moments with your cats by choosing the purr-fect and best cat treats.

Wet Cat Treats

What are wet cat treats? Wet cat treats come in various textures ranging from canned cat treats that you are probably familiar with to the newer soft cat treats. Canned cat treats offer a texture such as chunks in gravy, pate, or shredded meat. For those seeking a softer touch, soft cat treats like lickable cat treats or squeezable cat treats with tender and easily chewable textures may be a good option. Lickable cat treats often come in the form of savory sauces that cats can lick, while squeezable cat treats are designed with convenient packaging to offer a mess-free experience, enhancing playful moments between cat parents and cats.

Wet treats for cats have a higher water content than cat dry treats and typically have a moist texture making them irresistible to cats. It is beneficial for improving cats' overall hydration, especially for those felines that do not intake sufficient water. For cats with dental issues, wet cat treats are preferred as it is more easier to chew. However, wet treats for cats do not have a long shelf life once opened. Feed your cat with soft and moist cat treats are fantastic choices to add an extra layer of excitement.

Dry Cat Treats

Dry cat treats are snacks for cats that come in dry and crunchy texture. Their lower water content contributes to a longer shelf life, making them a cost-effective choice.  Dry cat treats with crunchy textures are effective in keeping clean teeth and reducing tartar and plaque formation. While cat dry treats aid in dental care, they may not be suitable for old cats with dental problems. Furthermore, cat dry treats have a higher energy density compared with wet treats. Cat dry treats often come in various types including cat biscuits, kibble, dehydrated cat treats, and freeze-dried cat treats.

While cat biscuits and kibble may be staples in your kitty’s menu, have you ever wondered about dehydrated cat treats and freeze-dried cat treats? Freeze-dried cat treats involve using low temperatures to remove moisture without damaging the nutrients. Conversely, the dehydrated cat treats employ hot air to remove moisture from the food, which may destroy the nutrients. The dehydrated cat treats often look darker in color compared to the freeze-dried treats.  Choosing between these options should consider your cat's health condition. So, the upcoming section will help you understand the benefits of wet and dry cat treats, guiding you to choose the best cat treats for your beloved feline companion.

What are the Benefits of Feeding Wet Cat Treats?

Wet and soft cat treats like squeezable cat treats, lickable cat treats, and canned varieties, offer yummy flavors that captivate your feline interest. Beyond taste, wet and moist cat treats serve as effective tools in maintaining your cat's well-being and health. Here are some key benefits of the wet treats for cats:

  • Hydration Boost

    Hydration is crucial for a cat’s health, impacting feline’s health from their skin to organs. Wet cat treats with high water content can serve as a power tool to maintain feline hydration, especially for cats that avoid drinking or may not have sufficient water intake. Moreover, the moisture content in wet cat treats supports digestion and helps prevent the formation of hairballs. It could also help avoid urinary tract issues, contributing to overall feline well-being.

  • Nutrient Supplement

    Wet cat treats provide a crucial nutritional boost apart from the hydrating factors. Available in various options and flavors, such as chicken, salmon, or other protein-rich varieties, wet cat treats often contain extra nutrients for your cat. Introducing wet cat treats into your cat's diet can supply essential vitamins and minerals. This nutrient supplement can be beneficial, particularly if your cat has specific dietary requirements or needs an extra nutritional boost.

  • Palatability

    The wet cat treats with diverse flavors, textures, and enticing aromas, are tasty and irresistible for cats. Given that cats are carnivores attracted to meaty scents, the palatable nature of wet treats will encourage them to eat. This, in turn, ensures that your cat maintains a well-balanced diet that encompasses all the nutrition they need.

  • Weight Management

    Generally, wet and moist cat treats and food tend to be lower in calories compared to dry cat treats due to their higher water content. So, it is advantageous in weight management for obese cats. However, it is advisable to seek guidance from your veterinarian to get personal advice based on your cats’ age, body weight, and health considerations.

What are the Benefits of Feeding Dry Cat Treats?

Here are some key benefits of the dry cat treats:

  • Dental Care

    Dry cat treats are beneficial in dental care. The crunchy texture of cat dry treats requires cats to chew, promoting mechanical cleaning of their teeth. Chewing action could reduce the plaque and prevent the accumulation of tartar on a cat’s teeth which may lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath.

  • Long Shelf Life

    Dry cat treats typically have a longer shelf life because the absence of water content can prevent the growth of bacteria and molds. Hence, dry cat treats can be stored easily and left out for longer periods without spoiling, unlike wet treats that may require refrigeration for storage. The prolonged shelf life of dry cat treats makes them a convenient option for cat parents.

  • Odor Control

    Dry cat treats with low moisture content tend to have less strong odor compared to wet cat treats. The dry treats are suitable for cat parents that sensitive or wish to minimize the presence of strong odors in maintaining a pleasant environment.

  • Feeding Enrichment

    Dry cat treats play a significant role in feeding enrichment. Incorporating dry treats into puzzle feeders encourages your cat to work for their food and provides them with mental stimulation. Besides, the greater appeal and flavor of dry cat treats make them a good tool for hide-and-seek games or training. Unlike regular cat food, dry treats capture your cat's attention and will elevate the feeding process.

What is better - Wet Cat treats Or Dry Cat treats?

When it comes to selecting the best cat treats, questions arise: is dry or wet food better for cats? is it ok to give cats wet food everyday? The debate over why is wet cat food better than dry or vice versa, continues. Ultimately, there is no straightforward answer as to which treats are better, it depends on your cat's preference and well-being. Combination feeding of wet and dry treats is often recommended. This ensures your cat stays hydrated with the wet treats, and gets dental benefits from dry treats, while also keeping her healthy and interested.

Cats are neophiliacs, which means they love trying out new things. So, a combination of different textures and flavors of snacks can break the monotony of the same routines. The mix of dry and wet cat treats can keep your cat's tastebuds intrigued. However, some cats may have specific sensitivities or health conditions, so it is crucial to observe your cat's reaction. Consult with your veterinarian is advisable to align your cats’ diet with their overall well-being.

Besides, the answer to the question:  is it ok to give cats wet food everyday? is Yes. Cats can eat wet food every day because it gives your cat more water and also aids in the digestive system. Wet food allows the cat to get enough fluid and reduces the risk of urinary stones. But, it is still advisable to mix wet and dry food for your cat’s overall well-being.

So, regarding the question: is it better to feed cats dry or wet food? is it ok to give cats wet food everyday? All the answers depend on your cat’s preference and health conditions. It is advisable to seek your veterinarian’s advice for your cat's overall well-being.

How Temptations™ Wet & Dry Cat treats are better than others?

Here’s why you should elevate your and your cat’s playtime with Temptations™:

  • Irresistible Flavor Variety

    Temptations™ cat treats and snacks offer a diverse range of flavors catering to your munchkin's crave variety in their palette. There is a variety of flavors from tasty chicken, to tuna and more, your cat will want to try them all.

  • Crunchy and Moist Textures

    Temptations™ cat treats range from crunchy to squeezable cat treats in a tube, you are sure to find a tasty treat your cat will go crazy for. Temptations™ Cat Pocket with crunchy outside and soft filling inside, bringing in a delicious surprise for your beloved furball. One shake is all it takes to make your cat come running. If your kitty is in the mood for something soft and delicious, Temptations™ treats Creamy Purrrr-ee, will delight your adorable furry with a rich and smooth treat

  • Nutritional

    Temptations™ treats for cats are nutritionally balanced, which means they provide all the right nutrients for your cat in the amounts needed, containing high-quality protein, vitamins, selenium, and magnesium. And with less than two calories per treat, ensures a worry-free and healthy delight.

Feline companions deserve the best in life. As devoted cat parents, choosing the best cat treats becomes a meaningful decision. Delving into the realm of wet vs dry cat treats helps cat parents make a more informed decision for our cherished kittens. When it comes to the best cat treats, it is all about what your cat loves. Whether they prefer the moist goodness or the crunch of dry treats. And, of course, pick the best cat treats healthy for your felines. Feeding the purr-fect cat treat can be a way of expressing your love and commitment to your furry companion.


  1. What should I feed my cat? Wet or dry cat treats?

    Both wet and dry cat treats have their benefits. What you should feed your cat depends on your cat’s preferences and health needs. A mix combination of wet and dry cat treats is often recommended to hydrate your cats through wet treats and get dental benefits from the crunch of dry treats. Picking the best cat treats healthy for your feline friend is crucial for their well-being.

  2. Are wet treats good for cats?

    Yes, wet treats can be good for cats. For cats with dental issues, wet treats for cats is preferred as it is more easier to chew.  It is advantageous in weight management for obese cats due to its low calories. The various flavors and strong odors of wet treats make cats irresistible. Wondering is it ok to give cats wet food everyday? The answer is yes as higher moisture content can ensure your cats stay hydrated

  3. Are dry treats good for cats?

    Yes, dry treats are good for cats. The dry cat treats have a longer shelf life and are easy to store, making them more cost-effective. Dry cat treats with crunchy textures aid in dental care, keeping clean teeth and reducing tartar and plaque formation. 

  4. Can we mix dry and wet cat treats?

    Mixing both types of cat treats is ideal and recommended. This combination offers the cat’s overall hydration and dental benefits. A combination of different textures and flavors of snacks can break the monotony of the same routines and keep your cat's tastebuds intrigued. However, some cats may have specific sensitivities or health conditions, so it is crucial to observe your cat's reaction and seek your veterinarian's advice for your cat’s diet requirements

  5. Can cats live on dry cat treats only?

    Wondering is it ok to feed cats dry food only? Yes, but it is not recommended. Dry cat treats tend to have lower water content, potentially leading to dehydration. Ensuring your cats get sufficient water when feeding them dry cat treats is crucial. It is also advisable to prioritize regular meals for your cat’s overall well-being. 


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