Temptations™ Cat Treats & Snacks

Whether you're a parent to a fabulous feline or just a cat person, you are sure to know what great foodies cats are. These cute little munchkins love to receive delicious cat treats from their beloved humans. So, keeping your reputation in mind, Temptations™ has brought forward a wide variety of mouthwatering cat snacks to choose from!

Given below are the different Temptations™ cat treats varieties you can choose from

Temptations™ on MixUps

If bringing a variety in flavour and texture to your cat's mealtime is your primary aim, Temptations™ MixUps is one of the healthiest cat treats and will not disappoint you or your feline buddy. Temptations™ treats MixUps is one of the most spectacular Temptations™ cat treats that can be used to reward your kitty at playtimes or can also be used as an additive to their cat snacks!

Available in a wonderful variety of flavours, Temptations™ treats MixUps as the best treats for cats have a crunchy outer shell with a soft delicious inner filling of exciting flavours! And since most felines crave a variety in their palette, Temptations™ MixUps are the best cat snacks and have been designed as 3-in-1 delights of premium flavours like catnip, chicken, and cheddar, as well as tuna, salmon, and shrimp. Each bite-sized MixUps Temptations™ cat treat has a caloric count lesser than 2 kcal. As the healthiest cat treats, you can feed as many as 20 pieces of Temptations™ MixUps to adult cats per day, and can be used as handy snacks for cats without having to worry about your kitty gaining weight.


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